27 May 2011

Two Days

BreakFAST: $0.62
Lunch: $2.86
Post-work noms: $0.75
Dinner: $0.87
Total: $5.10

Okay. So. Today was a better day than yesterday, although I've realized that, of my expenses, eating at work is actually the most expensive. I'm thinking of bringing a sandwich tomorrow along with one of the 700 bags of chips that I've gotten with my lunches. Maybe some Ramen. Who knows? I don't have to cut work food out of my diet completely, but it is one of those expenses I could gladly slash.

I've also had the same breakfast for the past couple of days, and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Yogurt and a granola bar are healthy and tasty. The combo keeps me going until lunch, which is a good thing.

And, thought I'd mention the dinner since I actually put some thought into it. I seasoned up some ham steak, made some rice stuff and put peas and carrots in it. There was enough for two, which means that I have leftovers for tomorrow! It needed a little salt, but was otherwise delicious.

Breakfast Noms: $0.62
Lunchers: $2.19
Din-Din: $4.00
Total: $6.19

All right, so I went a little over tonight, but I have to say that I'm all right with that. Mostly I'm all right with this because 1) It went toward a good cause (Joplin again haha) and 2) It was probably the best hot dog that I'd ever eaten in my life (seriously: It was a spicy hot dog with grilled onions, cream cheese, pineapple salsa, and mustard).

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