25 May 2011

Here are today's totals!

Pre-work noms: $1.29 [$3.01]
Lunch: $2.19*
After-work noms: $0.75
Dinner: $0.69
Total: $4.92

*Something should be said, I think, about the weirdness that was lunch. I did not actually buy any food for lunch—my manager did. Instead, I bought some toiletries to donate to the tornado relief efforts in Joplin, MO.  And, while I did not spend any money on food, I felt that putting at least half of what I spent on the donation toward my food cost for the day would help me keep track of what I'm spending daily.
One of the stores in our franchise is the Joplin area, and though it was not hit, the management team there was struggling to find replacement shifts for the next week. The employees and teams at our caf├ęs have been working to help raise money and other donations to help the efforts in that area.
My GM mentioned something while we talked about this that really struck a chord, so I thought I'd share that, too. He told me that he'd had to worry about having enough people to cover shifts, but that he'd never had to worry whether all of the people on those shifts were alive.

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