30 May 2011

The Second Step

All right, so the "clever" title that I came up with includes a second goal, I suppose. The first is, obviously, to spend less money—which I have talked about to distraction—but I haven't really mentioned the second part of this blog: to eat less.
I've been trying (rather successfully) to lose weight for the past year. Unfortunately, I've reached that awful plateau stage. I have definitely been more active, but my diet right now is only slightly different than when I started the whole "lose weight" mission. In creating this blog—this goal, even—I hope to monitor the food that I eat more closely.
Monitoring food hasn't worked for me in the past. I have tried counting calories, but it's boring. For whatever reason, money is more interesting than calories. More tangible? Maybe that's the reason I've done better keeping track of cost than I ever did with calories. So, by spending less on food, I hope to eat less food! Simple, I suppose.
Anyway, I won't talk about the secondary goal nearly as much as the first, although I will keep you updated on whether or not it works!

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