30 May 2011

Off Day

And by "Off Day" I just mean a day that I was off from work.I actually had a rather good day, foodwise.

Breakfast: Nada
Lunchish: $1.13
Dranks: $0.69
Snack: $1.05

Total: $2.87

I was moving for half of the day, so I didn't really eat until later, and breakfast was hijacked work food. So I'm not starving myself, promise. I just didn't eat a whole lot that would count toward my totals. As I write, I'm nomming on little pizza pockets. They're cute, and they make me wonder if there's a chance that I could make me own...

In totally awesome news, most of my possessions are now moved into my new apartment! I'm no longer living on a mattress on the floor. I have an actual couch! That's not food related at all, but I was psyched about the development!

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