30 July 2013

Favorite Pinterest Workouts

So, this blog isn't just about eating healthy anymore. This blog is about living a healthy lifestyle on a budget, and I want to provide my readers with tons of great ideas. One way you can save money on your journey to a healthy lifestyle is by working out at home, so I'd like give you a list of some of my favorite workouts that I've found on Pinterest.

To help narrow down my selection, I'm using only those workouts that don't require navigating to another site to view. You can find the entire workout on one image, which is helpful when doing the workout itself, because I know that I won't have to scroll down the page or tap for the next slide (I hate slideshows on Pinterest, by the way). None of these workouts require equipment, either. You're welcome to use weights or a cat if you feel that you need a better workout, but you don't need them.

Favorite Full-Body WorkoutNo-Excuses Workout
This circuit workout will leave you sweating.
This workout pinned from Back on Pointe is what I like to call a "doozie". You will curse during, and you will hurt after, but you will love this full-body workout that involves push-ups, jump-squats, and mountain climbers. If you need to modify this workout to make it easier, I highly recommend just doing one circuit the first time, then adding on as you gain strength and stamina.

Favorite Core Workout300 Abs
This is an abs workout. It contains 300 total reps. It hurts. Afterward, though, your abs start to think they can do anything. They can take on a punch from Superman, they can make the masses swoon at your feet, they can grow a pair of legs and kick grown men into pits.

Ok, maybe your abs won't do any of those things, but this is my favorite abs workout on Pinterest right now. If the name isn't enough to bring you over, I dare you to try it. You'll learn to believe.

Not sure where the original comes from as the Twitter account listed at the bottom doesn't seem to exist, so if you know the creator, I'd love to know!

Favorite Butt Workout: How to Get That A$$!
I said butt. Butt seriously, this is an awesome workout that will help you tone your glutes and make you giggle at the same time. And that means an ab workout. As I read it, I could imagine a smokin' hot trainer cheering me on and talking about my booty, which is never a bad thing. Don't worry if your pistol squats aren't completely parallel with the floor, either. Those suckers can take a lot of practice!

When I do this workout, since you might have guessed that there are no reps listed, I do sets of 10 until my butt is on fire. Fire.

I'd love to know the original source for this one, too. The Tumblr provided on the original image isn't correct, so the best place to find it right now is through Back on Pointe.

Favorite Arms WorkoutLean Arms Workout
Arms are my weakness, and I have long joked about my lack of upper body strength. In fact, I much prefer to get an arm workout without noticing until my arms are sore the next day. Unfortunately, that's not the way to build muscle. This workout is short enough that you can fit in any time but intense enough that you'll be feeling it by the time you're done.

Now, this workout does have a "with light weights" component (and a chair to do your triceps dips), but you don't need to use weights to do arm circles if you don't have them. I also found the wrist circles a little silly until I was nearing the end of the workout and my wrists started clearing their imaginary throats. Wrist strength is an easily forgotten component of arm strength, as my right wrist likes to remind me every so often.

This is another of those workouts from Back on Pointe.

Favorite Legs Workout: Cowgirl Legs Circuit
I love this challenging circuit workout that focuses on getting your legs toned and ready for anything. If you've never seen a Heisman, like I hadn't, you can find an example on Self.com.

This workout was pinned from YouMeFit.com, which is an excellent site to explore which you're looking for fitness advice or other workout graphics.

Favorite Running Workout: C25K
C25K is what I used to start my running obsession, and I love that it's available here as a single graphic. I do have other favorite running routines that aren't for beginners, but I wanted to show how easy it is to go from non-runner to I can run three-point-one miles straight in nine weeks. You can even download the plan to your iPod, iPhone, or Android Phone, and it will coach you through the program.

Favorite Cardio Workout: Indoor Cardio Crusher
I chose this workout because it's an indoor cardio workout that doesn't require a treadmill. With the heat of the summer imposing its heat on most of the US (I saw you, California, with your "high of 69" ridiculousness. What do you have to say for yourself?), I wanted to offer a cardio workout that could take place indoors and that anyone could do. This workout will definitely get your heart pumping. You can even use it as a circuit workout if your heart so desires.

The original comes from fitfabcities.com.

Favorite Spontaneous Workout: "Every time you see this, do..."
Okay, so this isn't just one workout, it's a collection of pins. I love that you can be scrolling along Pinterest and doing nothing productive one minute, then doing a short exercise the next. I'll admit, though, that I don't always jump up with enthusiasm to complete these exercises. And, yes, I keep scrolling for about half. Even completing half of these challenges, though, will help you work on your fitness rather than sitting around.

Phew. That was quite the workout!

I hope you've enjoyed my current favorite Pinterest workouts. There are far more workouts on Pinterest than this small collection, and I will bring more to you as we continue on this journey. If you want more workouts, you can follow my "I Work Out" board on Pinterest.

Remember, you always want to consult with a doctor to see if you're healthy enough and if your body can take any workout regimen. My intention is never for anyone to get hurt; that's the opposite of healthy.

Questions? Comments? Let me know in the comments below!

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